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Taraji P. Henson is Winning All of 2019 and We’re Here For It

Empire star, Taraji P. Henson is making big moves in 2019 and it’s only March. The Empire star’s latest film What Men Want has ranked in over $59 million and is currently is still one of the top 10 movies after 5 weeks in the box office. The movie remake showcases Henson as a woman striving to prove that she is worth being a heard, seen, and understood as a sports agent. When she gains the ability to hear what men are thinking, she utilizes her new gift and skills to gain equality in both her career and personal life.

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The Hidden Figures actress also gained legendary stratus recently. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s Walk of Fame Selection Committee not only honored Henson with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame for her veteran TV and movie actress status, but also recognized her as the powerful woman she is within the category of motion pictures. The multitalented thespian accepted her star behind the podium, eyes full of tears, thanking those who have supported her throughout her entire journey.

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Henson joked, “I am so honored because it is hard out here for a pimp.” With her laughter overpowering her tears, she added, “Hollywood, you know that long walk to fame is not easy all the time, and you have to have a bigger picture.”

The Proud Mary lead also recalled that she received a lot of doubts of ever becoming a star again, after her role in ‘Baby Boy.’ She shared that every role she takes on is just as special as the first and last role she set out to play and proving wrong those who had doubted her is her part of her motivation.

Henson’s busy year is far from over as she continues to play the larger than life matriarch, ‘Cookie Lyon’ on the hit television show, Empire. And come April, 2019, she will be starring in another film, The Best of Enemies. Based on a true story, the movie tells the story of the relationship between a civil rights activist (Henson) and a Ku Klux Klan leader in 1971 North Carolina.

We can’t wait to watch her slay this role!

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J.Lo is Launching A Skincare Line Making 2019 Better than 2018 Already

J.Lo has always had that picture perfect glow and in 2019 she’ll be offering her signature skincare regimen to the masses via a new line. The Second Act star broke the good beauty news during a speaking engagement held at the Wing in New York City to promote her new movie.

Lopez promised that her forthcoming skincare line would be anything but basic. She shared, “I’ve been working on it for a long time because I don’t want to put just anything out.”

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This isn’t Jenny’s first time around the beauty block. The 49-year-old singer and actress already has a number of fragrances under her belt including the popular Glow scent. She collaborated with Inglot earlier this year on a makeup collection that included lip products, highlighters bronzers, and eyeshadows.

J.Lo plans to control the reins on her 2019 skincare line, which will be an independent project. She shared, it’s going to be something that works. That’s what you can count on when my name is on something.”


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Lopez went on to say of her soon to debut line, “I want it to be something that encompasses all the things I’ve learned and all the secrets I have. And it doesn’t have anything to do with needles.”

Leave it to the I’m Real singer to make taking better care of my skin an easy 2019 resolution to keep in the New Year.


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7 Reasons You Can’t Help But Love Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is one stellar actress that is great at pulling off everything elegantly from fashion to hair to award-winning performances. The Star Wars actress has practically aced all her roles since the inception of her career. This queen is so all-around amazing that you can’t help but love her.

Here are just seven of the oh-so-many reasons we’re team Lupita every single day:

Her Style

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The Kenyan-Mexican actress never stops surprising us with her beautiful style. She slays effortlessly, oozing so much elegance and glamor no matter the choice of clothing. Every time we see her, she is sheer perfection.  

Her Skin


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You’ve probably seen melanin pop before, but have you seen skin radiate like Lupita’s? Aside from totally slaying every fashion look, the Black Panther actress’ beautify skin is always show-stopping.  

Her Hair


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In a recent interview with Refinery 29, the Oscar winner she revealed she is on team short hair, don’t care – and, we adore her for it.

I love being able to put braids in. That is something I really missed when my hair was too cropped to have them. To be able to get twists or cornrows or box braids — I love that versatility. But, I must tell you, I do not enjoy having long hair otherwise. I much prefer having it short. A cut is always flirting with me every morning.”

 Her Confidence


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With a kicking style and a truly gorgeous beauty, Lupita encourages “naturalness” with her looks. It’s like she’s indirectly telling you to work with what you have, to achieve the elegance you want and deserve! Beauty is everywhere and in everyone, the bold actress never fails to exude that in all her wholeness.

Her Charisma


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Lupita is always able to communicate her thoughts clearly and boldly when she speaks. She inspires with her words and leaves you feeling empowered with her speeches. She speaks with such elegance and passion, that you can’t help but drool over this gorgeous human that we’re all lucky to share this planet with.

Her Smile

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Talk about a smile that lights up a room. The Eclipsed star has the kind of smile poets write sonnets about. Her smile is totally infectious and makes you want to smile right along with her.  

Her Fangirling


This is one star that is not too “cool” to fangirl around celebrities she admires. And, she doesn’t hesitate to serve us receipts of the proof on her Instagram page. How can we not love a woman who would breakout singing with India Arie?  

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Issa Rae’s Response to Getting Shaded is #CareerGoals

Issa Rae continues to be boss with a capital “B.” Everything she does is a self-help book waiting to be written on how to follow your passion – from creating and crowdfunding her web series, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl to producing and starring in her critically acclaimed TV show, Insecure to blessing magazine covers, CoverGirl and red carpets with her melanin kissed skin. She is walking billboard for Black Girl Magic who never seems to miss a beat.

Issa Rae Getting Shaded Not Just A Girl In A Dress
Image: ShutterStock

So, it’s not hard to find life lessons for success in Issa Rae’s every day, real moments and she had one the other day that truly stood out in its hilarity and relatability.

While at the airport – which is where I believe home base is for people living their best life – Rae overheard a paparazzi say, “that’s Issa Rae.” Then she watched as he proceeded to take a photo of a Black actress who wasn’t her. Which is pretty damn funny and thought-provoking on multiple levels.  

Obviously, the photographer was aware on some level of Issa Rae and at least vaguely familiar with her accomplishments, since he knew her name. So, either he (very wrongly) decided that with everything he knew about her, she wasn’t worth his time to photograph or really didn’t know what she looked like and mistook the other actress for her.

To put it another way, this fool actually looked talent dead in the face and totally ignored it or didn’t actually know true talent when saw it!

Listen, I mean no disrespect to the other actress who I’m sure is stellar in her own right, but what hard working woman hasn’t been in this position? Who among us hasn’t had a moment in which your accomplishments were overlooked by someone in a position of power – even fleeting one?

It’s frustrating and infuriating and then you find yourself infuriated by the fact that you’re frustrated. And, after a while of being frustrated and infuriated – ok, maybe a few days or weeks – you realize the person who thinks they hold the power will never be able to quantify your greatness. And, then you decide the moves you need to make from there and simply move on.

Everything about Issa Rae leads me to believe that in her airport moment, she simply smiled brightly at the paparazzi and thought to herself, “boy, bye” as she walked by and handed her luggage to her driver and then slipped into her waiting black car, where she put the finishing touches on an award speech.

Issa Rae Getting Shaded Not Just A Girl In A Dress
Image: ShutterStock

I’m sure Issa’s response to being shaded was to simply keep it moving and we ladies should rejoice in every moment where we are secure in our self-value and get to do that too. #CareerGoals

-Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress


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28 Times Kerry Washington Wore Black & White – And Nailed It

Kerry Washington has ruled the red carpet for years and it’s no wonder why. Known for having a style as chic as the infamous DC fixer she plays on her hit TV show Scandal, Washington knows what looks, silhouettes, and shades flatter her best. 

One winning color combination she consistently rocks is black & white and slays it every. single. time.

With bold accents, touches of leather and carefully placed stripes, Washington keeps the look ever vibrant and fresh.

Scroll below to see 28 times Kerry Washington wore black & white and nailed it – and get inspired to make this trend your own.   

    1. Black Leather Gladiator 

2. Poka-dot Princess
3. Cold-Shoulder Catch 
4. Power Plunge   
5. Trimmed Thin6. Grecian Goddess
7. Split Personality 
8. A-list A-line
9. Bold Bandage10. Petal Pusher 
11. Coordinated Caper  
12. Glamour Girl 
13. Lovely Layers 
14. Corset Queen
15. Pattern Party 
16. All Suited Up
17. Spectacular Spots
18. Checkered Chick
19. Plaid Professional
20. Media Model 
21. Structured Separates
22. Fancy Footwear 
23. Radical Romper  
24. Sultry Slip 
25. Boss of Bling26. Gelled Together 
27. Divine Design 28. Power (Pope) Stripes 

Image Credits: Instagram/KerryWashington 

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The Roundup: Tech and Business News To Know This Week

It’s been a busy week ya’ll (I’m not Southern, I just love the word ya’ll)! So, here’s the top tech and business news you need to know this week.

Kerry Washington Steps Behind The Camera

Kerry Washington Instagram 2

Scandal star (and my BFF in my head) Kerry Washington announced that she will executive produce her first weekly TV series under her production company Simpson Street. The weekly cop drama “Patrol” will follow the lives of four LAPD officers. Simpson Street also produced HBO’s hit “Confirmation.” The movie was based on the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas case and starred Washington as Hill.

Apple Get A Hefty Tax Bill


Apple Store in Grand Central Station (Note: There isn’t an Apple Store in Ireland ◔_◔)

The European Union ordered Apple to pay $14.5 billion plus interest for 10 years of unpaid taxes to Ireland. Apple is one of several multinational companies accused of using “complex and opaque tax structures” and relocating their headquarters to places with low tax rates like Ireland to avoid paying their fair share to the tax man. Apple – who as denied the accusations- plans to fight the decision in an appeal.

Damon Dash Launches Streaming Shopping App

Mogul Damon Dash announced the launch of a new shopping app that will allow viewers to buy items featured on his shows on his new network. The app will work with Dame Dash TV his lifestyle TV network that launched last month with streaming provider FilmON. Dash told the Pret-a-Reporter, “I always wanted people to be able to buy the stuff they see.” The yet-to-be-named shopping app will be live in November.

Instagram Gets A Basic Update


A video posted by Instagram (@instagram) on

After years of begging, Instagram finally released a new feature appropriately named, Zoom. The new addition will allow users to pinch to zoom in and out of photos and videos on their feeds. The new feature rolled out on IOS this week and will be available on Android in the coming weeks.

 Google Looks To Disrupt A Taxi Disrupter

The king of search is looking to pull the rug out from under car-sharing behemoth, Uber. The Alphabet company stealthily began a ride sharing pilot program for companies located near its Silicon Valley headquarters back in May. The service uses the traffic app Waze to connect riders and drivers heading in the same direction. Riders are charged no more than $.54 a mile (for gas) to intentionally keep drivers from operating as taxis.

The move could prove popular with riders since the cost would most likely be lower than Uber and Lyft, however, the case is less compelling for drivers who would make far less.

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Big Deal: Ava DuVernay Becomes First African American Woman To Direct $100 Million Film

Selma director Ava DuVernay is on a roll. Five years following her first indie feature, I Will Follow DuVernay has been tapped by Disney to direct the $100 million film A Wrinkle in Time. She is the first African-American woman to helm a project of this size.  She’s also already cast her good friend Oprah Winfrey in the film.

Ava DuVernay 2

DuVernay is renowned in the film industry for her ability to entrance audiences with her visually captivating scenes, so it comes as no surprise that she was selected to direct the big budget project.

Ava DuVernay 3

Considering DuVernay’s first film cost $50,000 and her second film, Middle of Nowhere had of budget of $200,000 (according to Women of Hollywood), this is a big budget jump. Her Oscar-nominated civil right biopic, Selma had a budget of $20 million in comparison.

Ava DuVernay 1

This is totally a glass ceiling breaking moment as female filmmakers and especially women of color filmmakers rarely get these big budget opportunities.

Congrats to the big-money, shot-caller for proving that sometimes talent and perseverance is all you need to change the game.

Image Credit: Instagram

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Jennifer Lopez Teams Up with Giuseppe Zanotti on new Shoe Collection Launching in 2017

Singer, actress and executive producer Jennifer Lopez is taking her shoe game to the next level. The ‘First Love’ songstress has partnered with coveted shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti on a new capsule collaboration set to launch in January 2017.


The new line, called Giuseppe for Jennifer Lopez will feature footwear and accessories. Giuseppe told Vogue online, the line will include “everything you would expect from the both of us – bad-a*s high heels with shapes that are fierce and, of course, have some sparkle!”

Lopez is no stranger to the world of fashion. Besides landing spots on Best Dressed lists for decades, the entrepreneur and designer has been running her own popular clothing label JLO by Jennifer Lopez since 2001.


Prices for the new collaboration haven’t been announced, but it safe to assume they will be within the current sales prices of Giuseppe shoes ($700 – $2,000). Although, a much higher price point than Lopez’s signature line, she shared:

“I think it goes without saying that like every other girl, I love a killer pair of shoes. Whether I’m walking the red carpet or dressed casually, the right shoes complete my outfit to make me feel beautiful, sexy, and fearless.”

JLO has had a great business sense for years and this collaboration seems like a smart move for both designers. They’ve already teased an image of blinged out stiletto on Giuseppe’s Instagram page, which has me wanting to see more.

We should have known that the On the 6 singer would stop at 5th Avenue eventually.

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‘Ageless’ Actress Angela Bassett Launches New Skin Care Line for Women of Color

Award-winning actress, director and philanthropist Angela Bassett can add a new accolade to her long list of titles: entrepreneur. Bassett who has been slaying the red-carpet for decades recently announced the launch of her new luxury skincare line for women of color.

The new line – Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm – is designed specifically for women with dark skin tones and formulated to address issues like hyperpigmentation and inflammation.


Developed in partnership with Bassett’s personal dermatologist and friend, Dr. Barbara Strum the line will include two face creams – one for extreme dryness – a foaming cleanser, an enzyme-enriched cleanser, and a hyaluronic serum for retaining moisture in the skin. The line is updated extension of Dr. Strum original skin care line which Bassett has been using for years.


Bassett’s line will be sold online and at Harrods (UK retailer) beginning in July. Items range from $58 – $335. Pricey? Yes.

But if anyone could convince me that they’ve found the secret to flawless skin (and ageless beauty) it would be the 57-year-old bombshell named Bassett.

I’m just gonna leave this right here….


Image credits: Instagram

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Driven To Succeed: How Daymond John Started His Billionaire Business

“In entrepreneurship, you decide to give up your day job at a point where either (A) the hobby/new business is at least making some form of ends meet, or (B) you feel that you need to dedicate yourself for a certain amount of time to it and give yourself the last hoorah.”

Daymond John 1To say, Daymond John knows a lot about entrepreneurship, would be an understatement. Not only is the man an icon in the fashion world with a multi-billion dollar empire, he’s an investor, television personality, author, and motivational speaker who quite literally has the world at his fingertips.

The 47-year-old founder, president, and CEO of FUBU has successfully transitioned from being a business man to being a business and has legions of fans and aspiring entrepreneurs who attend his talks, tune into his show and read his books with the goal of duplicating his success.

Daymond John 4But how exactly did John manage to evolve from sewing product in his kitchen to becoming one of the most influential men in the country?

It all started with passion.

For John, his “this is it” moment came while he was working full time as a waiter at Red Lobster despite having his fashion designs featured in some of the hottest music videos of the day.

FUBU was more of a hobby at the time, but he decided to get serious and create a schedule that would allow him to put real effort into his brand.

For two years he would wake up at 7am, answer orders that would come in overnight, sew hats by himself, tag, package, and ship them until noon. After that he’d head to a shift at Red Lobster, work until around midnight, come home and make more hats only to repeat the process the next day.

Daymond John 2Once Daymond was able to hire on three of his friends, the business truly started to take shape and with the extra help and a $100,000 dollar loan, and investments from Samsung, he was able to quit Red Lobster in 1995 so that he could go full time with FUBU and turn it into the brand we know today.

From Ol’ Dirty Bastard, to Busta Rhymes, the hip hop community was fell hard for FUBU. LL Cool J was so taken with the brand that not only did he wear the line in the “Hey Lover” video with Boyz II Men, but when Gap asked him to do a commercial wearing a pair of their jeans and shirts, he still opted to wear a FUBU hat.

The significance of this move doesn’t simply come from the fact that he was promoting another brands product, but after his 30-second freestyle, he looked directly into the camera and said, “For us, by us, on the low.”

The line was so simple and obscure that no one at Gap (ad executives included) thought anything of it. The $30 million dollar campaign ran and no one on the brand side was aware of the hidden plug until a month later when the ad was pulled and the company fired as many people as they could get away with while still saving face.

At the time, most designers weren’t directly focused on the young African-Americans and Latinos, but FUBU was able to break open that side of fashion paving the way for new designers with a fresh outlook and connection to the urban market.

Daymond John 5Today John is more widely known for his role as an investor on the ABC reality show “Shark Tank” where entrepreneurs seek out his partnership to help grow their own businesses which is a role that he has repeatedly expressed a deep fondness for.

There are tons entrepreneurs out there who just don’t understand how to accurately evaluate their product and make it appealing for investors, which is where Daymond has been able to come in and essentially help small businesses move to the next level.

He has become that business guide and mentor for others that didn’t exist when he decided to step out on his own.

Daymond John 3

It’s clear that wherever this man puts his attention, greatness is sure to follow. And, that’s good for him and the entrepreneurs he invests in and inspires.