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22 Stylish Products To Organize Your Home Office in 2017

The beginning of the new year is always a perfect time to declutter and jazz up your workspace. So while you’re making plans to kick butt, take a few moments to get your home office organized so you can be your most productive every day of the year. Check out these stylish products that will help keep you organized and motived in 2017. Women’s The Boss Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug

Not that you need a reminder, but this Boss mug is the perfect way to enjoy your daily cup of coffee. $14

DaySpring Sadie Robertson Be You Agenda Planner

This colorful planner lets you plot out each week of the year and includes tabs for listing important events. – $67.77

Mosiso Chevron Style Envelope Nylon Fabric Sleeve Case w/ Shoulder Strap

Sometimes your office needs to be mobile. Keep your laptop protected when you’re on the go with this padded case that has a front pocket for adapters, cables, pens and notepads. – $18.99

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gold

Ditch the wires. Listen to your music or make calls with these head turning headphones.  -$299.99

Kings Brand Furniture Contemporary Style Home & Office Desk


Streamlined workspaces are happy workspaces. Upgrade to a desk you’ll actual want to do work on. Plus, it has draws to store papers and accessories. $168.98

Umbra FishHotel Aquarium

Add your own mascot to your office with this modern fishbowl update. – $33.76

Kikkerland Arrow Pencils, Set of 4

Aim for your best ideas with these unique and colorful pencils. – $11.94

Monkey Business Silver Turnkey – Retro Style Pencil Sharpener

Stay on point with this retro pencil sharpener. -$5.89

DaySpring Sadie Robertson’s Banded Hardcover Journal 

An easy way to bring a daily smile to your face and keep track of your best ideas. This journal has 80-lined pages and includes scripture verses throughout. – $12.40

Gold Polka Dot Acrylic Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser is too glam to be hidden away, earning it a spot within reach on your desk. -$20.98

Gold Polka Dot Acrylic Heavy Duty Stapler

Hand stapling will cease being a chore with this stapler that pops. -$24.95

Gold Pen Set 5 Piece Set

These lightweight metal pens will inspire you to donate all those random plastic pens you’ve collected over the years. -$19.99

Nulaxy Aluminum Non-Slip Rubber Base Mouse Pad, Silver

A sleek looking mousepad designed to keep your wireless mouse moving smoothly for hours. -$9.99

Kikkerland OR73-BK Wire Clips 

Paperclips perfect for organizing loose pages on your desk or artfully hanging notes on the wall. – $6.00

Premium Quality Plastic Craft and Desktop Organizer

Keep all your accessories in plain sight with this clear desktop organizer. – $19.97

Graphique Decorative Colored File Folder

Filing will be anything but boring with these glitzy folders. – $11.95

Rose Gold Acrylic Organizer, 3 drawer

Stop your pushpins and paperclips from going missing with this 3-drawer acrylic organizer. -$30.00

Cabo LetterHolder-Copper

Drop incoming and outgoing mail in this trendy letter holder to keep everything tidy. -$18.00

U Brands Pin-It Magnetic Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Board

List important meetings or your social media schedule on this monthly calendar dry erase board. – $19.99

LED Word Clock

Make staying on time fun with this LED word clock. – $79.95

Poly and Bark Eames Style AG Management Office Chair in Soft Touch Leather

Working is hard. At least be comfortable with an office chair that moves as effortlessly as you do. – $132.56

YOCOU 5-Channel Cable Management System, Pack of 6

Tame tangled cords in your workspace forever with this cable management system. -$7.99

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Fool Your Friends Into Thinking You’re A Mixologist

Here’s something you can quote me on: “No one should ever spend good money on a bad drink.” Why do that when you can make tasty cocktails at home with a few simple tricks, bar tools and simple to use apps.

To make sure you never fall victim again to disastrous drinks and can even impress your friends with your cocktail skills, I compiled my favorite tips and easy fab recipes for you.

Check out this week’s episode of Marie Claire – The Fix with style babe Brittney H. Levine to see my best “how-tos” and picks to “Fool Your Friends Into Thinking You’re A Mixologist!”

I’ve also listed all the featured products below.

Mixologist Tools and gadgets to look the part

High-quality mixers you can pretend you mixed yourself 


Awesome apps to make your next bar-night in a blast and be the envy of all your friends


Event Planning Basics: Tips for Creating A Great Event

Planning an event, no matter occasion, is not easy. Some events can take months to plan and the process of plotting out every single detail can be tedious, but it can also be fun. We all want to create the best event we can. Here are some important tips to follow to make sure your next event is a success.


Guest gift items that doubled as table decor for a My Black is Beautiful Event – Pretty (mechanical) Butterflies in a jar, we got on Amazon and branded with labels.

Set a clear vision –  Before you even start planning your event, make sure that your overall vision and goal is well defined. You can begin by answering this question: How do you want your guests to feel or what would you like for them to think when they leave the event? Once you have answered this, then you can laying out the logistical details.


Simple flower displays and bright table drape to pull together the room. Event Tip- Preset the salad if you know you have a tight program schedule.

Identify your team – Even if you are producing the event solo, you should still tap others to help you brainstorm the concept and be a sounding board for your ideas. You don’t know what you don’t know. Make things a lot easier and don’t do your planning in a vacuum. This doesn’t mean that your trusted comrades  get to dictate what you do, but rather they get to help insure that what you do makes sense.  This will save you create a clear theme and plan and avoid a lot of headaches in the later stages of your planning.


Tables angled instead of in rows provide all guest line of sight to the stage, so everyone has a great view.

Hold yourself and your team accountable – Deadlines need to be met. If you commit yourself to certain results, you need to make those results happen. If in the end you can’t produce the results needed, you need to access what happened, proactively update your client and work to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Always have a back-up plan – Even the best laid plans sometimes fail.  This doesn’t mean your event will be a disaster. Take the time early in your planning stage to create a back up plan and you’ll be able to keep everything moving forward. I know. I know You can’t plan for everything, but you can take a smart approach to make sure you are prepped for the biggest challenges. Planning an event outside? What will you do if it rains? Planning an event at a sporting event? What will you do if someone gets hurt? There is no way that you can predict every potential pitfall, but if your cross off the big ones it will be easy to work through any small ones onsite.

Looking for some ideas on how to promote your event as well? Check out my post on leveraging social media for events.

Happy planning.