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Best Workout Apps for Women

Best Workout Apps For Women

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to take your fitness routine to the next level but with prices ranging from $40 to $100 per hour, it can get pricey quickly.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to get an enhanced workout these days. Thanks to some pretty amazing smartphone apps, you can have access to a personalized exercise plan that’s affordable (or even free) and optimized to help you meet your goals.  

Whether you’re aiming to run a race or simply looking to get in better shape, there’s a fitness app that can help you do it.  We put together a list of our favorite ones to get you started.

Here are five of the best workout apps for women to help you get in shape without shelling out tons of cash.



Best Workout Apps for Women Sworkit

Best Workout Apps for Women Sworkit

Sworkit is one of the most popular workout apps on the market and for good reason. The free app – which stands for “simply work it” offers users the ability to sort exercises by impact level, difficulty, category or focus area, making it simple to select the right workout routine for their needs. They can also share their workouts with others through the app and get your friends active too. Sworkit is available on iOS and Android.


30 Day Pushup Challenge

Sometimes starting small can lead to big results. That’s the theory behind the 30 Day Pushup Challenge which is helping people get excited about exercising the right way. This best workout app for women pick encourages users to do a few pushups each day, gradually helping you master a standard pushup over the course of a month. From there it offers pushup variations to make the workout more challenging.  The app is free and available on iOS.


7 Minute Workout
Best Workout Apps for Women 7 Minute Workout

Best Workout Apps for Women 7 Minute Workout

The excuse of not having enough time is a non-starter with this app from Wahoo fitness. Available on iOS and Android the free 7 Minute Workout app focuses on providing an effective personal training regimen in a condensed time. The daily workouts track your progress and mix cardio with strength training to keep you challenged.


Workout Trainer 

Variation is the spice of life

. The same is true for a great workout routine. The Workout Trainer app from Skimble provides tons of exercises with step by step instructions. The free app can help with everything from conditioning exercises to get you ready for an upcoming race to strengthening and toning workouts. Users can also build their own customized routines using the app’s workout library and share them online. Workout Trainer is available on iOS and Android.

Pilates Anytime

Pilates can be an addicting workout but it can be hard to learn the moves correctly even in the most intimate boutique gym group settings. The Pilates Anytime app helps makes it easy to master the workouts at your own speed by providing videos that clearly breaks down every move. The iOS app has more than 2,500 Pilates classes to choose from and offers a premium subscription for $18 per month – which is a drop in a bucket compared to an upscale Pilates studio.   

Let me know if there are any best workout apps for women that I missed. I plan to update this list regularly. 

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No Sweat – Skip The Post Workout Shower With the New Simply Summer’s Eve Line

Disclosure: This post is sponsored; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

I’ve been really focused on prioritizing my health lately and taking better care of myself. That means eating better and hitting the gym as often as possible. Both can be challenging with a busy schedule, but I’ve been trying out different tricks to make my days flow as easy as possible. Things like writing down what I eat during the day, packing my purse with healthy snacks and hitting the gym in the early morning – before I start my day – have all helped me shed 25 pounds and put some extra energy back in my steps.

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

So, when I got an invite to try a new surfing workout as part of the new Simply Summer’s Eve launch I was totally down. 

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

The event was held at Surfset Studio, a cool fitness spot in New York City and it was so much fun! Yes. You actually do “surf,” but there is no water involved:). 

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

The surfboard is actually placed on top of three balance balls and you do surfing and pilates inspired moves on top of the board. 

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

It’s a moderately intense workout designed to strengthen your core (tummy), tone your full body and improve your balance. I had never stepped foot on a surfboard before my workout, so it felt a little odd at first. I actually lost my balance once or twice but felt totally comfortable with each of the moves by the end of the 30-minute class. 
I also was sweating bullets by the end and a little worried about offending my fellow attendees with my post-workout smell.  

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

Luckily, we were covered here too. Simply Summer’s Eve is a new line of on-the-go cleansing cloths and foaming wash that are formulated to help maintain a natural pH and get rid of odor-causing bacteria. The cloths are individually wrapped – perfectly sized to keep in a purse or gym bag – and I wiped myself down with a Mandarin Blossom scented one before chatting with my new workout buddies.  

The scent was light and pleasant and the cloth worked really. When I got home after the event I asked my hubby if I smelled (cause he would be totally honest with me) and he said, “no, why were you working out?” The fact that he couldn’t tell means I’ll be keeping these little wonders in my gym bag from now on.   

Simply Summer’s Eve Launch Event: Photo Credit Not Just A Girl In A Dress

So, I totally scored twice at this event with a great workout and new post-workout odor killing wipes. Honestly, it’s three times if you count the fab mermaid crown I got from Crowns by Christie. Can’t wait to rock mine at the next beach party. 

Simply Summer’s Eve also comes in a Coconut Water scent and hits shelves in May 2017. 


Mobile Fitness App, Sworkit Lands Largest Shark Tank Tech Deal Ever

I’ve been a fan of the mobile fitness app, Sworkit since I discovered it in the Apple app store a few weeks ago. The free app, which stands for “simply work it,” is your always ready personal trainer and provides users both customizable and randomized workouts that can be performed anywhere, without any equipment required. The genius of the app is that it is easy to use and makes it hard to make excuses for not working out.

Sworkit 2

Sworkit currently has more than 10 million downloads and is one of the top ten health and fitness apps making the company a pretty appealing Shark Tank opportunity. After pitching the Sharks, Sworkit’s CEO Ben Young and COO Gregory Coleman, landed a $1.5 million deal with celebrity investor, Mark Cuban in exchange for 10 percent of their company.

Sworkit 1

The investment is the largest tech deal and third overall largest deal to be made on the show ever.

“We knew we were going in with an aggressive pitch but believed that we had the business to back it up, said Coleman. “We are looking forward to working with him (Cuban) and learning from him while together helping Sworkit become the leading platform people turn to first for fitness.”

Sworkit 3

Young is a product innovator who was named 2015’s Techpreneur of the Year by Black Enterprise Magazine. Coleman is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and prior U.S. Air Force pilot. The two met their first year at The Wharton Business School and I guess the rest is history.

Sworkit 4

Coleman and Young plan to use the Shark Tank investment to grow Sworkit’s interactive content and bring the platform to more screens. A web version of the app is expected and they will also offer it on Apple TV, Google TV and Roku.

They are also focused on keeping kids fit and launched a Sworkit Kids app earlier this year.

“We believe the world would be a better place if everyone had 24/7 access to an affordable personal trainer, whether it’s virtual or real, or a combination said Young. Making fitness easy and accessible for all

Making fitness easy and accessible for all is a lofty goal, but it’s clear that big dreams (and hard work) lead to big results.

-XOXO Charell Star | Not Just A Girl In A Dress


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Top Fitness Tips for Entrepreneurs from Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler

Professional athlete Meredith Kessler isn’t your typical California girl. Meredith Kessler finish shot vinemanFor one thing, she originally hails from Columbus, Ohio. For another, she totally kicks butt as an Ironman triathlon champion and has come in first place six times each year at events in each of the last three years. She has definitely become the one to watch at the Ironman events and even big brands, like sponsor Red Bull have taken notice. That’s not a bad turn of events for the woman who worked four jobs so she could follow her passions. It’s may not have been an easy journey to the top (you know carrying all those gold medals can be heavy), but Kessler is loving every minute of it.

I caught up with Kessler recently to find out more about her exciting journey, her side hustles and her best fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs. Check out the interview below:

So, you are a professional athlete. What inspired you to start down that career path? And, why Ironman? 

Meredith Kessler runI always knew I wanted to be a professional athlete but in what sport, I did not know. I played field hockey, lacrosse, track, and swimming in high school and field hockey and track at Syracuse University. After college, I used the graduation money I received to purchase my first triathlon bike. I knew nothing about the sport of triathlon or Ironman but decided to enter my first race at the full Ironman distance. I somehow finished and caught the triathlon bug. Fifty plus full distance Ironmans later, I am still learning and enjoying the journey!


You quit your job as an investment banker to go pro in 2009. How did you work up the courage to do that? 

Meredith Kessler 4In reality, I turned pro and still worked at RBC Capital Markets for another year. Leaving RBC was a long thought out, calculated plan. There was a time when I was working four jobs to build that foundation so I could turn pro and be prepared for every scenario, good or bad. I was a triathlon coach, instructor at a cycling studio, professional triathlete, and working at an investment bank. When I finally did cut the cord from the ‘day’ job, I promptly went out and DNF’d (did not finish) my next two big races.

Without the proper preparation, these blows would have derailed my career as a professional (athlete) before it even had time to marinate. However, my husband and I approached the sport like a business and we were able to weather the ups and downs that are inevitable.

You’re husband sounds like a great partner. How long have you guys been been married? 

Aaron and I are high school sweethearts. My mom was his first grade teacher so I always make the joke she had picked him out for me! We dated all through high school and college and when he made the move to San Francisco for a job, I followed and the rest is history! We continue to enjoy each other’s company as we navigate through the journey of life, business, and triathlon!

Speaking of business – I know you are working on a few entrepreneurial endeavors as well.

Meredith Kessler 2Yes, my husband Aaron and I collaborated on a site and training manual, Life of a Triathlete in 2013, and now we’re working on a new endeavor, Core Elementz, a collection of inspiring and educational training videos and advice for aspiring athletes. This is in collaboration with top athletes from MLB, NFL, NBA and the MLS including: Derek Jeter, Maria Sharapova, Trey Burton, Ryan Zimmerman, ​and Tyler Clippard.


One of my goals coming into triathlon was to help try to leave the sport in a much better place than when I started which is one of the main reasons for Life of a Triathlete and Core Elementz. If we can help athletes shave hours, weeks, and or years off their journey to reach their athletic goals, then we have done our job! We are also involved with the Professional Triathlon Union, which will help to unify the professional triathletes so we can work for ways to improve the sport we all love.

So, you understand the hectic life of entrepreneurs better than anyone. What 3 tips would you give busy entrepreneurs to stay in shape? 

Get Organized: Time is our most valuable commodity as an athlete and a busy entrepreneur. My most important piece of advice is to eliminate the time drags in your day. You need to take a bird’s eye view of your life, locate where you are inefficient, and take steps to improve on these areas. For instance, partners would ask me for media (pictures, articles, videos) and I would have to search high and low to get them what they needed. Taking the time to clean up my virtual world allowed me to become better organized and save thirty minutes a week or twenty-six hours a year – it all adds up!

Be Efficient: I also saw that my workouts were taking place all over the bay area so I looked to figure out ways to get might work done within a couple miles so my drive time was reduced. This meant swimming in a local pool, doing treadmill and strength at a gym not far from the pool, and having my cycling classes right around the corner. I know not everyone has the luxury of living in a city but it is worthwhile to explore (time saving) options, so you have more time for things that are important to you like family and friends.

A Little Can Add Up: The last tip is to say it is not easy to stay on top of your workouts but it can be done. If the day gets away from you, this is fine but take a few minutes to try to move your heart a little – as with anything, every little bit counts!

How often should a person work out to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle means different things to different people. For instance, I tell my parents all the time to walk on the treadmill for a half an hour to get the blood flowing. If they do this 3-5 times a week, their overall health will improve tremendously. This may sound like a cliché but our goal with initiatives like Core Elementz is to get people off the couch; the benefits of a healthy populace and society are felt by all.

What was the best business advice you’ve ever received? 

The best advice in business and athletics I ever received was from my parents. They told me at a very young age, as long as you know in your heart you gave it your all and tried your best, this is all that matters.

– à bientôt

Charell Star | A Girl In A Dress