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Simple Ways to Reduce Your Stress & Finally Relax

Every working professional encounters stress at some point. Think about all the responsibilities you have on your plate: spouses, kids, deadlines, friends, community. Add the additional challenges of launching or running your own business and you’re probably at your wits end by 5pm.  In fact, according to recent studies by


Top Tips for Balancing Your Work and Personal Life

Work life and home life are not really separate. They’re both part of your time on earth, and it’s important to make that time worthwhile. Use these tips to balance your numerous responsibilities and be happy while doing it. Cut Your TV Time Don’t get rid of it entirely; you’re


Bad Day? Three Things You Can Be Grateful For

On a terrible day, when nothing went right and you feel like a failure, there is peace in remembering that it’s just one sad day in an otherwise beautiful life.  When you forget what to be grateful for, here are just three of the infinite reasons to give thanks: The


Self Improvement: Why Meditation Is Important

We all live very busy and hectic lives. In a world that is full of Starbucks coffee runs, takingthe kids to baseball practice, watching movies late at night, it can be very easy to lose touch with our soul and the natural rhythms of our bodies. In our world today,