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Lisa Vanderpump and George Lopez "The World's Most Amazing Dog"
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There’s A Competition Show To Find The World’s Most Amazing Dogs – And, We’re Hooked!

We checked out The World’s Most Amazing Dog online and we can honestly say that we are fans! This gratifying competition show features an impressive array of amazing dogs showcasing their unique talents. And, every little furry one steals your heart along the way.  

The Facebook Watch series features 6 dogs performing their talents in each episode. Judges select their favorite and most talented dog each episode to move on to the next round. In all dogs from 30 countries will battle it out for the ultimate prize – $100,000 and the title of Worlds Most Amazing Dog!

Lisa Vanderpump and George Lopez "The World's Most Amazing Dog"

Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins / | Lisa Vanderpump and George Lopez “The World’s Most Amazing Dog”

In addition to the four-legged cast members, the series also stars some big two-legged names in the entertainment industry. First, they have George Lopez. We all know this man’s track record. He’s been a king of comedy for the past 40 years and he’s one of the judges on this show.

Lisa Vanderpump is also a celebrity judge on the show. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and restaurateur will be putting her reality skills to the work as she helps select which dogs move on to the final rounds of competition.

The big twist of  The World’s Most Amazing Dog is that the celebrity judges don’t have the final say in limiting the field of doggie contestant. Show watchers have 48 hours from the time the episode airs to vote on another deserving dog to proceed to semifinals.

Looks like this cute show could get pretty catty quickly!

The World’s Most Amazing Dog airs every Thursday at 8 pm (EST) on Facebook Watch. You can also watch it on the Facebook Now app.



Tracey Edmonds Hosts Queen Boss – New Reality Competition Show For Black Women

Well, alright now. This is going to be exciting.

Emmy Award-winning TV personality and CEO Tracey Edmonds is set to host a new reality competition show looking to crown the best Black female entrepreneurs across the country. Queen Boss, the 8-episode series, will premiere on Saturday, January 14 at 10:00 PM ET on Centric.  

Each week, three new female entrepreneurs will enter the “Queen Boss Conference Room” to pitch their products to a panel of celebrity judges. The judges will put the boss babes to the test to see who has what it takes to win the grand prize $25,000 “Queen Boss Start-Up Fund” and the “Queen Boss” title!

The show’s accomplished panel of celebrity judges include:

Vanessa Simmons – TV personality and businesswoman

Lisa Price – Entrepreneur and Founder of the beauty brand Carol’s Daughter

Kandi Burruss – Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, television personality, and Businesswoman

Lauren Lake – Lawyer, Author, Interior Designer and Real Estate Developer

Carla Hall – Chef, Television Personality, and owner of Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen in Brooklyn, New York

Mikki Taylor – Author, Speaker, and former Beauty Director and Cover Editor of ESSENCE magazine

Robin Wilson – Interior Designer and Author

Rakia Reynolds – Entrepreneur and Founder of Skai Blue Media

Angela Benton – Founder & CEO of NewME Accelerator

How the “Queen Boss” Series Works:

Every episode of “Queen Boss” will feature two separate competition rounds. First, three competing entrepreneurs pitch their individual products to the judges who with the host deliberates to cut one of the entrepreneurs from the competition.

In the second round, the remaining entrepreneurs compete against each other in a business challenge. The challenges – which include everything from elevator pitching to creating a viral social media campaign – take the competitors out of the boardroom to the streets of New York City to see if they can show judges they have the smarts and creativity to take home the grand prize.

Winners of the first 6 episodes will return for the semi-final and final round episodes where the judges will eliminate competitors until the final surviving female is selected the “Queen Boss.”

Based on the panel of judges alone, you know there is going to be some serious Black girl magic and business lessons shared each week. I’m totally excited to watch this entrepreneur competition series and look forward to seeing which awesome business maven gets to wear the crown.

All hail the Queens!!!

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Why Does The Big Bang Theory Think Violating Consent Is So Funny?

The Big Bang Theory is one of the smartest and funniest shows on television. It has taught so much about string theory, particle physics and astrophysics that I feel like I could BS my way through a first round interview at NASA – or at least space camp.   The show makes being smart cool.

So it baffles me how thoughtless the show gets on the topics of consent and rape. Over The Big Bang Theory’s nine seasons, the idea of undermining, limiting or violating a person’s right to consent has been a recurring joke– making me cringe every time.  I’m hoping they can do better in season 10.

Here’s what I mean:

  • In the very first season (s1, e8), Penny spikes Sheldon’s drink as an “experiment” to see how he’d react.  Spoiler alert: not well.
  • In the following season (s2, e1), Howard secretly doses Sheldon’s milk with valium because he wouldn’t go to sleep.
  • Howard also admits to secretly drugging his mother with sleeping pills in the very next season (s3, e21).  Raj: “She won’t notice [the sleeping pills are] missing?” Howard: “She doesn’t know she takes them.”
  • The show dedicates an entire episode (s2, e7) to Howard and Raj using government satellite equipment to pinpoint and virtually stalk a house full of models and then gain entry into their home under false pretense to harass them.
  • In a later season (s6,e11), Amy actually jokes that in college she “passed out at a frat party and woke up with more clothes on.” The implication?  Were Amy more attractive, she’d have been raped.
  • And in the most recent season (s9, e5), Stuart admits to setting up a camera in his store to watch women while they’re breastfeeding their babies.

Here’s the thing, Big Bang Theory is a really smart show and one that has proven skilled at handling difficult topics – bullying, childhood abandonment, and loss of a parent – in a responsible manner.  And we need to be able to laugh at things that make us uncomfortable.  That’s part of how comedy works.

But using laughter to tackle difficult topics doesn’t mean we should be reckless or dismissive of them.

According to the Center for Disease Control 1 in 20 women and men surveyed reported experiencing sexual violence in their lifetime and 1 in 5 women and 1 out of 76 men reported experiencing rape. According to the Department of Justice, 80 percent victims knew their attacker. Startlingly, those numbers can climb even higher on college campuses.

In a June 2016 story on college campus sexual assaults, The Washington Post cited a 1990’s study which indicated “between 25 and 35 percent of men lack knowledge about what constitutes rape.” That same story went on to highlight that “some young men think that, if they’re as intoxicated as a female partner, whatever happens can be blamed on the alcohol. And others think young women secretly want to be pushed into a sexual encounter.”

The Big Bang Theory isn’t responsible for this misinformation, but it can and should take an active role combating it.   Since the show brought it up, it’s on them to lead the conversation with compassion and sensitivity.

If they get stuck, they could talk to Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy – she’ll remember when Blossom tackled this issue in its final season.

For a show that does so much to humanize its characters and celebrate intelligence, it would be great if The Big Bang Theory could be a bit smarter when it comes to issues of consent.

Compared to quantum physics, this should be a no-brainer.

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JCPenny Partners With Project Runway Winner Ashley Nell Tipton & Launches New Plus-Size Brand

Well, this is exciting. JCPenny has nabbed Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton and is launching its first-ever plus size fashion brand designed exclusively for full-figured women.

Ashley Nell Tipton 1Tipton you may remember, is the first plus-size designer to win Project Runway and whose positive personality and chic eye for style brought back a level of excitement to the show that we hadn’t seen in years.


The new line, Boutique+ will be available in 500 stores and at starting May 1. Tipton will design two capsule collections for line and serve as brand ambassador.

19093Tipton shared, “I am thrilled to be a part of the JCPenney Boutique+ brand launch. I look forward to infusing my signature style that is known for distinct designs in bright hues and bold patterns that appeal to young fashionistas looking for clothes that make them feel as good as they look.”
The chain promises Boutique+ will offer “feminine silhouettes, edgy patterns and bold colors” and will “flatter and fit curvy silhouettes.” Fashion pieces run from $12.99 for a top to 39.99 for a jacket.

Style and fit are two of the biggest issues frustrating plus-size consumers when shopping for apparel, so it looks like JCPenny is looking to alleviate these obstacles by partnering with Tipton and rolling out Boutique+.

Ashley Nell Tipton 2Considering 65% of American women fall into the plus-size category, it’s about time retailers starting catering to this important shopping bloc.

I’m looking forward to checking out the new Boutique+ line and hoping that JCP will extend some of Tipton’s designs to fit smaller sized women too. I have been rooting for her since day one, after all;).


The Devils Are Here: Empire Season 2 Premiere Recap

Empire ended so good last season, I wasn’t sure they could keep the business-inspired musical drama going. But, not to worry season 2 returned not with a whimper, but with a roar. It was so loud, so over the top, so unbelievable that it made General Hospital, The Young and The Restless and Days of Our Lives do one collective gasp. Somewhere Susan Luccie was jumping on a chair screaming at the TV, “YAAAASSS. THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE”. Long live Erika Kane;).

But back to the show. I have a lot of juice to share on the first episode of the season, so if you haven’t watched, grab some Skinny Pop, log onto Hulu now, prepared to be cussed out by your neighbors for disturbing them with your loud yelling at the TV and watch. Then after you drift down from the high the episode gives you, come back here to relive the thrills.

Spoilers are ahead. You’ve been warned.

Free Lucious: At a Free Lucious Rally in what appears to be Central Park, we find out quickly that the Lyon clan has been busy in the three months since the Empire king has been locked up without bail. Cookie, Hakeem and Andre are thick as thieves and busy plotting a hostile takeover, totally keeping Jamal in the dark on their intentions. Since he became daddy’s heir to the Empire last season, things haven’t quite been the same between him and the rest of the clan.

Empire 1

No worries, because Cookie just needs to impress a lesbian business tycoon by the name of Mimi Whiteman (Marisa Tomei), get her to invest a miserly $250 million dollars in the company and she’ll get all her baby boys playing nice again. So at the Rally, Cookie is laying it on Mimi thick and acting like she’ll play ball in more ways than one to get that investment. She wants to be the Queen of Empire by any means necessary. And, if that means donning an ape suit and beating her chest in cage, well she’ll do it.

Empire 2

As Cookie is getting familiar with Mini, we catch our first glimpse of Lucious behind bars. If it wasn’t for the orange jumpsuit you might have thought he was on vacation somewhere exotic. I mean he just swaggered into the room. We see him beam with pride as he watches his sons Hakeem and Jamal perform on TV at the Free Lucious Rally. He is all smiles until he sees Cookie and Mimi on the screen at the Rally. His entire attitude shifts and we know the war is far from over.

Club Fed: Lucious may be behind bars, but that doesn’t mean you can count him out. The man seems to be running things in prison with a hired crew of prison inmates at his beck and call. He’s out playing basketball in the yard when he learns that the drug kingpin, Frank Gathers (Chris Rock), who he and Cookie use to run drugs for back in the day is arriving for a stint. For a hot moment, there is tension around who will be the head-cheerleader around the cellblock, but it turns out Lucious and Frank are cool as cucumbers with each other.

This is great for Lucious Lyon because he’s got bigger cubs to tame. Jamal visits Lucious in jail and does a bit of whining about how he can’t tour and promote his album since, you know, he’s the running Empire. Lucious does his fatherly part by telling him, “Well, get me the hell out of here and you can tour the world.” He also follows up by complaining that Cookie hasn’t come to see him once in prison. “Not once” in three month. Jamal gave him the side-eye that made me laugh out loud. How quickly he forgot that he didn’t visit Cookie in prison not once in the 17 years she was locked up.

After that man in the mirror moment, Lucious tells Jamal to “handle” Vernon and find out who the woman was that he spotted with Cookie at the rally. Doing the first task will be pretty difficult, since Vernon – who gave Lucious up to the feds – is dead; but neither of them knows that.

It’s Just Business: Speaking of Vernon, Andre is having sweaty flashbacks nightmares about his pregnant wife burying Vernon’s body after she killed him. Always leveled headed and strategic, Rhonda tells him not to worry because they would already know if the cops suspected them in the murder. She also asks him if he talked about the dastardly deed with his pastor (cause remember Andre found religion last season). Andre after a long-awkward pause, says, “no” and asks how his baby boy is doing.

So, we know Rhonda is having a boy, which will do nothing to aide all the testosterone fueled spats in the Lyon clan. Truth be told, the women in this crew are no better, so really they should get a jump on a therapist appointment for that kid now.

At a playboy-esq party for Mimi, being thrown by Cookie, Andre and Hakeem; we see Boo-Boo Kitty is still part of the take down Lucious team. Apparently, she and Hakeem are an item, she lives with him now and her business savvy can help close the deal with Mimi. Cookie has to swallow her pride and play nice for the evening. Mimi takes a shine to Anika (Boo-Boo Kitty) and we learn our debutant can twerk with the best of them.

When the gang is back in the office, it looks like their efforts have paid off and the Mimi deal is closed. Cookie, Andre, Anika and Hakeem bad-ass style, slow walk triumphantly into a board meeting being led by Jamal to tell the board that they (with Mimi’s money), have bought a controlling share of Empire and will be running things moving forward. Cookie is making all types of reassurances to Jamal that he will remain part of the team/family, when he drops the mic on them. Turns out Mimi, made a deal directly with Lucious and decided to back him instead of the crew of wannabes. Lucious even Skypes into the meeting from Club Fed prison to say, “game over b******.”

That Family Bond: Cookie barely makes through her front door, before she learns she has another crisis is on her hands. Her sister, Carol has come to town to tell her that Frank Gathers is on to them. See, Cookie ratted out Frank to get out of jail early and had a hit put out on one of his friends by mistake. Frank is not too pleased and send her a head in a box, godfather style. Cookie ships the entire Lyon clan to Lucious’ mansion and goes to seek help.

Empire 3

She beelined it straight to Club Fed to talk with Lucious. After some witty love you/hate you banter, he asks her why she’s there. She spills the beans that their old boss is out to get the family. Lucious does what any family patriarch would do; he sets up a talk with Frank.

The oddly guard-less prison meeting starts off pretty respectful, but Frank tells Lucious he has no plans to let Cookie live. This doesn’t sit well with Lucious, who is clear that he will have Cookie’s back. Frank orders his prison henchmen to kill Lucious, but it turns out that they are all team Lucious now thanks to some recent investments that have come their way. So, they kill Frank instead.

Back at the mansion, Cookie tells the clan that the threat is over and they can all go home. She tries to make amends with Jamal, but he kicks everyone out of the house instead for trying to betray Lucious with the failed hostile takeover. He even slams the door in Cookies’ face. Turns out the boy is loyalist of the bunch to his dear old dad.

So that was the first episode of the season. It was amazing, but I have so many questions:

How long will they continue to hold Lucious in prison with their key witness dead? Why is Lucious prison the nicest prison in America? What’s instore for Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Boo Boo Kitty now that Jamal has shut the door? Who thought Chris Rock would make a convincing drug kingpin? I mean, I love the man, but kept waiting for him to say,“OJ, I understand.” What will Mimi do next now that she is a majority investor in Empire?

Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

– à bientôt

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Empire Partners with Saks on Fall Fashion Collaboration (& It Looks Great)

If you were in a coma last season, you totally missed the turning point when Fox’s hit show Empire became a cultural phenomenon. The Dynasty-esq musical drama did something no show has done in a long time – inspired people to want to go home and watch TV as the show was airing. Empire transformed Thursday evenings at 9PM into can’t miss TV (or Empire Thursdays). That is a huge accomplishment in a world increasing dominated by cable cord cutters and “I’ll catch it later” Hulu-subscribers.

Empire also set download records on iTunes with its emblematic songs and brought business lexicon to water-cooler conversations across the country. The show also upped the ante on business style and fashion in general. Cookie’s look (played by amazing actress Taraji P Henson) has become iconic in such a short time captivating the minds of women and the fashion community. So much so, that Saks Fifth Avenue recently announced a fashion Collaboration with the show.

Empire Saks 3This fall, Saks will feature a special collection of fashion items inspired by the show for sale in its New York and Beverly Hills flagship stores and store windows. The collection will include women’s ready-to-wear from Cushnie et Ochs, women and men’s footwear from Jimmy Choo, and jewelry and accessories from Alexis Bittar and MCM. The collection launches on September 10, just in time for the Empire season premiere on September 23 at 9PM EST (of course).

So, far the collaboration looks great and I’ll be excited to see what items they introduce as the season gets started.


à bientôt

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5 Epic Business Lessons To Learn From Fox’s “Empire”

When the queen of must-see prime time TV, Shonda Rhimes, is hooked on your show, you know you have a hit. With 20 million viewers and counting, Empire is poised to become the biggest breakout hit for Fox of the season. Of course, having an all-star cast – including, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, Gabourey Sidibe, Tasha Smith, Malik Yoba and (spoiler alert) Courtney Love – doesn’t hurt (love y’all).

The drama is all about the music business, but you can easily apply many of the lessons the show doles out weekly to any industry. Here are the five epic business lesson we’ve learned from Empire so far:


Credit Fox EmpireIt’s Never to Early to Create a Succession Plan

There comes a time when everyone has to start to think about the future for the their business. Whether it is because the your business needs fresh blood or you need to bow out for health reasons, you want to have a succession plan in place. The time to create a succession plan is now, when you don’t need one.

Credits Empire FamilyWorking with Family is Hard

No one will ever be able to push your button like your family. If you do decided to work with loved ones, make sure you create boundaries early and are clear about your expectations. Also, keep the lines of communication open so you can talk often and honestly.  Sure you may be able to fire them if they let you down, but who wants that brought up at everything Thanksgiving dinner.

Credit Fox CookieContracts are you Friend

When Cookie proclaims, “I want what’s mine” — all I think is–you better get it, girl. As the principle investor in a company that is now worth millions, she is entitled to part of the company and more. And, without a contract in place Lucious can only make nice. Don’t accept support of any kind from anyone on your business with having a contract signed by all parties involved. Everyone may be in a friendly mood now, but written agreements protect everyone’s interest–yours and theirs.

Credits Empire Cookie 2Your Network is Everything

At every turn Cookie proves that you are only as good as the team you have around you. She taps her network to get the songs, talent and information she needs to quickly show that she is a force to be reckoned with. You should always be building a reliable network of influencers to help support you and your business goals. You need people who have skills that complement yours and who will provide solid council when you need it most.


Empire LegacyYou Shouldn’t Build A Business. You Should Build A Legacy

If you are focus on just building a business that is all you will have in the end. Real entrepreneurs are focused on building organizations that will become their legacy way after they have passed. Lucious believes that his company gives hope to the kids struggling in the neighborhood that is from. While his methods for preserving that legacy may be, umm, well, over-zealous; he does want to leave something meaningful behind. Everyday you should be thinking about what type of legacy you want to leave behind and how what you do impacts others.


I’ll continue to watch the show as an Empress-in-training to catch all its nuggets of business wisdom. You can pick up a few more lessons with me on Wednesday nights at 9 PM EST.

Photo Credits: Fox

à bientôt

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TV’s New Leading Ladies Mean Business – Fall’s Must Watch Line Up

I’ve been checking out the upcoming Fall TV line up and am excited to see all the starlets that are playing pretty significant leading roles on some action packed dramas. Four of my favorite actresses are gender-breaking stereotypes through their roles as heads of state, business, and the classroom. Here are three awesome new shows that will have you cheering these leading ladies and taking notes for your business, regardless of if they are playing good or bad girls.


Upfront2014_StateOfAffairs_KeyArtImageVert_1920x1080_FLState of Affairs

Award winning actress Alfre Woodard stars as Madam President (of the Unites States) and Katherine Heigl leads as a CIA Analyis that use to be engaged to her son. Needless to say these two ladies have a lot to juggle in this NBC drama between running the free world and protecting it. Tune in on November 17.

What You Can Learn: Tips to stay strong under pressure and hold your own in a male dominated environment




HowToGetAwayWithMurderHow to Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis stars as a law professor and defense attorney pulling out all the stops to win her cases. Between molding her class of law students, defending clients in the court and living life in the fast lane; this double duty professional is just trying to stay one step ahead. The show is another Shonda Rhimes’ baby and premiers on Thursday, September 25.

 What You Can Learn: Creative ways to inspire your co-workers to do your bidding


Gotham Gotham

 In this Batman-inspired prequel, Jada Pinkett Smith stars as nightclub-owning gangster running the legendary DC comic city. This bad-girl maybe be on the wrong side of the law, but she is definitely about her business.  The series premiers on Monday, September 22.

What You Can Learn: Tips for building an illegal, but successful enterprise (you know if you every decide to quit your day job)


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Work Survival Lessons from ‘The Walking Dead’

Zombies represent our worst fears, the ones that just won’t die, no matter how many times we try to destroy them.  When you’re at work, those fears can hold you back from taking important risks.  Use these cool lessons from’s article about AMC’s television show, The Walking Dead, to leave fear behind for good and survive even the toughest job.

Fear One: I don’t know what to do.

Solution: Ask for help!

From the first few moments of episode one, Rick needs help.  He needs people to explain how the world has changed during his coma, to teach him about zombies, and to get him to his family.  Once Glenn saves his life and he finds Lori and Carl, there’s no way for them to survive without teamwork.  It’s the same with getting ahead in the office.  You need a mentor for guidance, solid co-workers to get the job done, and good friends to listen to you vent about the worst days.  With a team in place, there’s always someone to help when you’re overwhelmed.

Fear Two: What if I get fired?
Solution: Start a business!

The Walking Dead doesn’t carry much dead weight, no pun intended!  If you’re not a functional part of the team on The Walking Dead, you’re done.  Carol’s husband Ed did nothing around camp and treated his wife like garbage, so he should have known a zombie would eat his brains.  Andrea had to put her beloved sister, Amy, out of her misery when she turned zombie.  It was sad, but necessary.  Many people say that being fired forced them to create their own businesses; why not start yours?

Fear Three: My boss will make me miserable.
Solution: Find a better boss!

A good leader takes the company in the right direction.  Rick knows how to listen, adapt and lead the group to safety.  If your boss if more like The Governor, who has a tendency to kill people when they disagree with him, perhaps you can transfer to a new department or start sending out resumes for a different position altogether.  Life is short, don’t waste time with a jerk for a boss.


If you want to avoid life as a zombie, you’ll have to overcome your fears, pursue your dreams and refuse to settle for a crummy job.

What have you learned from ‘The Walking Dead’?

à bientôt 
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