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7 Reasons You Can’t Help But Love Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o is one stellar actress that is great at pulling off everything elegantly from fashion to hair to award-winning performances. The Star Wars actress has practically aced all her roles since the inception of her career. This queen is so all-around amazing that you can’t help but love her.

Here are just seven of the oh-so-many reasons we’re team Lupita every single day:

Her Style

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The Kenyan-Mexican actress never stops surprising us with her beautiful style. She slays effortlessly, oozing so much elegance and glamor no matter the choice of clothing. Every time we see her, she is sheer perfection.  

Her Skin


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You’ve probably seen melanin pop before, but have you seen skin radiate like Lupita’s? Aside from totally slaying every fashion look, the Black Panther actress’ beautify skin is always show-stopping.  

Her Hair


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In a recent interview with Refinery 29, the Oscar winner she revealed she is on team short hair, don’t care – and, we adore her for it.

I love being able to put braids in. That is something I really missed when my hair was too cropped to have them. To be able to get twists or cornrows or box braids — I love that versatility. But, I must tell you, I do not enjoy having long hair otherwise. I much prefer having it short. A cut is always flirting with me every morning.”

 Her Confidence


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With a kicking style and a truly gorgeous beauty, Lupita encourages “naturalness” with her looks. It’s like she’s indirectly telling you to work with what you have, to achieve the elegance you want and deserve! Beauty is everywhere and in everyone, the bold actress never fails to exude that in all her wholeness.

Her Charisma


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Lupita is always able to communicate her thoughts clearly and boldly when she speaks. She inspires with her words and leaves you feeling empowered with her speeches. She speaks with such elegance and passion, that you can’t help but drool over this gorgeous human that we’re all lucky to share this planet with.

Her Smile

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Talk about a smile that lights up a room. The Eclipsed star has the kind of smile poets write sonnets about. Her smile is totally infectious and makes you want to smile right along with her.  

Her Fangirling


This is one star that is not too “cool” to fangirl around celebrities she admires. And, she doesn’t hesitate to serve us receipts of the proof on her Instagram page. How can we not love a woman who would breakout singing with India Arie?