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Six Tips To Avoid Failure On Valentines Day

A chubby flying baby and a countless number of romantic comedies have created an endless amount of expectation around the singular date of 14th of February – also known as Valentine’s Day. We all want V-Day to be an extra special day for our S.O but there are a lot of missteps that can make it anything but.


Here are a few ways you can avoid failure on Valentine’s Day and catapult your love to new heights.


Learn the Right Size or Do Not Buy!



Lingerie, a little black dress or leggings. Garments make a great gift but only if you buy the right size! Do you know how frustratingly, inconvenient it is running back to the store just return an item and then searching the aisles for the right size? Don’t gift a chore to your love. Play detective and investigate the right size before you order or head to the store to buy.

Whip Up Something Nice in the Kitchen



Forget making a reservation or ordering carry out; instead, whip up something that is home cooked (even if you need to use a recipe book). A memorable Valentine’s Day is made to feel personable and food is a great way to leave an impression on the heart and soul.

Don’t Bring Home A New Pet!



Who can say no to a cute and cuddly animal? Your S.O, that’s who! Dogs. Cats. Rodents – just steer clear. Bringing home a new pet may conjure those warm feelings in your mate for a few hours but and what happens when those initial emotions fade. You’ve given them the chore of having to keep another lifeform alive, indefinitely! Avoid giving a pet as a gift unless you’re 1000% certain it’s on the wishlist. 

Don’t Try To Downplay the Specialness of the Day



Valentine’s Day is a holiday dedicated to love and that’s worth celebrating. Even if you a little cynical about the day, don’t downplay its importance to your partner or love ones. Go the extra mile just as you would for your important relationship milestones such as anniversaries, and birthdays.

It’s Ok to Be Cliche



Don’t let the millions of gift-guides fool you. A lux box of chocolates and flowers are thoughtful gifts, unless your significant other is allergic, of course. Plus, chocolate it is a natural aphrodisiac. So, this sweet treat might snag you a trip to your favorite erotic places.

Turn the Evening into An Adventure



Bring some spice to Valentine’s Day and create some surprises for your mate. Try a bit of roleplaying, giving a sensual massage, spread a path of roses leading to the bed, or light a couple of romantic candles. You’ve got 12 hours between sunset on February 14 and sunrise on February 15. Get creative!