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5 Fashion Tips Job Seekers Should Ignore

Your goal during the interview is to stand out from the competition – in a good way – so why follow outdated fashion tips designed to make you blend in with the crowd? Landing that coveted in-person meeting is already pretty difficult. So, when you do, you’ll totally want to


Fashion Tips to Show You Mean Business

Fashion is kind of my thing. My blog is called a ‘Girl In A Dress’ after-all. As a woman I know, dressing your part for work can be a difficult task. Whether it is business casual or business professional, you always want to make sure you dress in a way


Professional Help: Improving Your Handshake

Handshakes are a lot more important than people realize. A good handshake is one of the most important skills you can work on as a person. If you want to make sure that each person that you meet has a pleasant and positive experience during your first greet, then having


Professional Help: Why Your Resume is Getting Ignored (Part 4)

English is a difficult language to master and no one  (myself included) is perfect at it. However, perfection is not the same thing as proficiency. If your resume doesn’t demonstrate that you are a proficient communicator, then you shouldn’t bother applying. Here is another way applicants shoot themselves in the