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5 Fashion Tips Job Seekers Should Ignore

Your goal during the interview is to stand out from the competition – in a good way – so why follow outdated fashion tips designed to make you blend in with the crowd?

Landing that coveted in-person meeting is already pretty difficult. So, when you do, you’ll totally want to dress to impress.  And, it might help – at least, visually speaking – if you interview outfit doesn’t put people to sleep before you even open your mouth.

Of course, there will always be some careers – like law – were playing it safe when it comes to style is probably the right way to go. But consider ignoring these five old-school fashion tips if the company culture of job you’re seeking encourages a touch of fashion flair.   

5 Fashion Tips Jobs Seekers Should Ignore:

Wear A Suit

You should always up the style ante when you’re interviewing, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a boring basic solid suit. You want to look polished and professionally and also comfortable and confident. If wearing a suit makes you feel uneasy or the company has more of business casual vibe (which you can find out by checking out its website and social media profiles) then opt for coordinated separates with a bit of personality.    Topshop Embellished Midi Pencil Dress – $180 and Zara Double Breasted Blazer – $99

Wear Neutral Colors

Black, navy, brown and gray are fine colors, but you might want to leave an impression that you are more than just a “fine” candidate. A strategic color pop can give off a feeling of friendliness and/or confidence, amplifying the profile of an interviewee who knows their stuff.   

Macy’s Calvin Klein Embellished Sheath Dress – $109 

Wear Pantyhose or Tights

Yes, you should totally wear pantyhose or tights if the company you’re interviewing with is conservative, if you feel more comfortable having your legs covered or if it is just cold outside. However, cramming your legs in nylon casings should be an optional interview outfit addition when you’re already wearing pants, a knee-length – or longer – skirt or dress. Do it if it makes you feel more ready to conquer the day. Skip it if it doesn’t.         

Wear a Black or Brown Handbag

Nothing completes an interview outfit better than a clean-lined, structured handbag, but black and brown shouldn’t be your only color choices. A smartly pattern purse or tote in a complimentary color to your outfit can hint to a personality that knows how to pull things together.

Amazon MMK Collection Fashion Padlock Satchel – $42.99

Wear High Heels

I love a pair of good heels. They literally make me taller and I find I stand up straight more when I wear them. But I also love my ballerina flats and that I can move faster than a New York minute in them. Opt for whichever polished pair of close-toe pumps, ballerina flats, loafers or boots make you feel more confident to complete your interview outfit. There’s no sense in wearing a killer looking pair of heels if you’re going to worry about tripping in the company’s reception area.

Aerosoles Spin Off Flats – $69 and Ann Taylor Skyler Patent Leather Pumps – $128


Workwear Style: Terese Sydonna Dresses & Daya Shoes, Just Say Yes!

Dressing professionally in the Summer is always a tricky balancing act. You want to look like a total Boss – perfectly put together with a bit of flare – without turning into a hot sweaty mess by the end of a day. If you’re like me, you like to keep your workwear style simple and fun enough to be able to go from the office to a rooftop patio for an after-hours cocktail.

Two brands that I’m digging right now for my summer style fix is Terese Sydonna and Daya Shoes.

First of all, the Jamaican-born, New York-bred, Terese Sydonna‘s River Collection is everything right with fashion right now. Her Ursula Print 2-way Zip Tulip- Skirt Neoprene Dress ($375) is super fly, comfortable and an ideal choice for just about any business related meeting.

Titan Industries-16

I love the soft flower detailing and dual-zipper that you can adjust to show as much leg as you want. But of course, I like to keep it classy.

Titan Industries-14

I’m also a sucker for dresses with pockets that don’t look like wings about to take flight.

Titan Industries-5

The dress is just as sleek and stylish in black and could be your LBD Summer go-to.

Titan Industries-9

I also feel in love with the Hurricane Skirt ($395) which is a great choice for those creative work days and Friday afternoons.

Titan Industries-8 I paired the colorful skirt with a throwback crop Tommy Hilfiger jean jacket, but it would also look amazing with a crisp white button up shirt or black tank.

Titan Industries-13

The new Sole of Daya shoe line by – the actress, singer and mogul in the making –  Zendaya is also a perfect pick for Summer.
Titan Industries-3

I paired these garden inspired pumps ($79) with an oldie-but-goodie Calvin Klein fit-and-flare dress.

Titan Industries-2

The multi-color pattern would look fabulous with just about any outfit and would add the right amount of pop to a LBD.

Titan Industries-1

I’m normally not big fan of leopard, but this pair Sole of Daya heels ($79) just spoke to me. Why not add a touch of the wild side to your wardrobe this Summer;)?

*Images by the amazing @GlorifiedPhotography

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Russell Simmons Is At It Again: Launches New Clothing Line

Russell SimmonsAuthor, musician and business mogul Russell Simmons never really left the fashion scene. He was just waiting patiently for the next generation to catch up with him. In the 1990s, he tore into the fashion industry with his Phat Farm and Baby Phat lines, paving the way for unique urban looks to become staples in well-known department stores. These lines remained trend-leaders throughout the ’90s and 2000s by mixing chic street style mixed with influences from high fashion. After selling both lines to the tune of $140 million the companies fell off.

Noticing the hole in department stores, Simmons is at it again, releasing a fashion line aimed at the constantly transforming millennial market. He plans to provide the solution to the problem by bringing styles millennials want, and appreciate, to the racks. Having worked with large department store chains such as Macy’s before, Simmons is already prepared to re-shape the fashion world again.

His new line Argyleculture, debuted recently at New York Fashion Week and is set to to hit stores this spring. The clothes are a mix of preppy and modern styles, featuring bold navy and white tones, splashes of bright colors, and of course, argyle vests. Designed for the newer “urban graduates” bursting onto the business scene, the line is meant to give millennials a professional option with enough hip-hop flair to express themselves.


russell simmons NYFW8

russell simmons NYFW10

russell simmons NYFW3

russell simmons NYFW4

russell simmons NYFW6


russell simmons NYFW7

Simmons is once again leading the way in hopes that a new era of designers will craft clothing with the up and coming generation in mind. He has always been a creative not afraid to take risks and his ability to be the stylish voice of a generation has made him an icon. This new line is edgy, bright and bold while still being sophisticated. Some would call that the very definition of the millennial generation.  If anyone can bridge the gap and connect with this unique, and virtually untapped, market, its this repeat entrepreneur.

à bientôt

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Three of the Coolest Female Teen Entrepreneurs to Watch

We all know it’s never too late to step out on your own and start a business, but these days teenprenuers or teen entrepreneurs are proving that there is no such thing as being too early either. I am in awe of the younger generation of entrepreneurs launching innovative companies to help their communities. Not only are they disrupting longstanding industries for the better by bring fresh and groundbreaking ideas, but they are creating successful businesses in the process.

Here are three female teenage entrepreneurs to watch who are have launched creative and profitable companies and are making positive differences along the way.

Madison Robinson

Madison FishflopsMost people wouldn’t put the word “flop” in the title of their company, but entrepreneurs like Madison Robinson aren’t like most people. The 16 year old is the creator of FishFlops®, a line of flip flops for kids. Growing up on the Galveston beaches in Texas, she came up with the design for a variety of cute sea characters which she drew in an outline of a flipflop on a piece of paper. She showed the design to her father who thought the name was catchy and bought the domain name. Madison went on to do various trade shows, eventually writing a letter to a Nordstrom buyer. The flipflops ended up in 64 Nordstrom retail stores, and the rest is history. As giving back to the community is one of her messages, she has given a number of charities over 20,000 pairs of FishFlops®.

Leanna Archer

LeannaAt age 9, Leanna Archer created a line of all-natural hair care products using her Haitian great-grandmother’s for pomade. Using that recipe as a base, Archer, now 17, created a line of oils, conditioners, and finishers. Originally, she shared small amounts that her grandmother sent her with friends and neighbors, but seeing the demand she decided to create a company that now bringing in six figure revenues every year (you go girl). Archer’s company is an international hit, with most of her customers coming from Singapore. The products are all-natural and good for a variety of hair-types. Using some of the revenues from her products she developed the Leanna Archer Education Foundation, which provides about 200 children in Haiti with education, food, and shelter.

Megan Grassell

MeghanSeeing a need in the industry while out shopping with her younger sister, Megan Grassell, just 17 years old, decided to create a line of well fitted, simple, and adorable bras made for young girls. Many stores only carry uncomfortable padded and push up bras, all of which are just smaller versions of women-sized bras. These are not ideal for a young girl who has not fully grown yet and has her own ideas of comfort and style. Grassell took this knowledge and created the Yellowberry Bra Company. Her company features bright colors young girls enjoy with lining and no padding, perfect for a growing girl who wants to feel comfortable and confident. Grassell has also decided to create a line of underwear for young girls, to help them feel comfortable and confident in themselves.

These ladies are inspirations not only their communities, but to budding future entrepreneurs everywhere. I’m excited to see what they do next.

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Shop For Success: 3 Reasons You Can’t Miss This Event

Shop for Success 2013 3 Who/What:
Young Executives For Success (Y.E.S!), a volunteer branch of Dress for Success is giving the most fashionable entrepreneurs in New York City a head start on their holiday shopping.  Shop for Success: Accessories Edition, the fourth annual, three-day pop-up shop will be held October 9-11 at the Helen Mills Theater located at 137 West 26th Street in Manhattan.


accessories 2013 Why it’s Amazing:
Shop For Success allows you to do three fabulous things:
(1) Help others and support a great cause – 100 percent of sales proceeds and donations go directly to benefit the career development and employment retention programs of Dress for Success. Meaning everything you buy is helping a women in need gain financial self-sufficiency.
(2) Avoid chaotic holiday shopping – Buying gifts now for family, friends and co-workers helps ensure you have a sane and stress free holiday season. Plus Shop for Success provides immense discounts on new and vintage designer merchandise, so you can get more gifts checked off your list.
(3) Network with style – Some of the most connected business leaders and entrepreneurs attend Shop For Success each year. This is a great opportunity to chat up your business, expand your relationships and trade those half-price Manolo Blahnik pumps for a follow up 1:1 meeting. After all, a fabulous pair of shoes could change your life.

What Else is Awesome:

In addition to offering must-have accessories from the most fashionable brands like Gucci, Cole Haan, and Club Monaco, Y.E.S! will be hosting a VIP Party on Thursday, October 9 from 6-9 p.m., where guests and friends of Dress for Success can shop specially curated items.  DJ Kiss will be spinning, Malibu Rum Sparklers and Malibu Island Spiced will be keeping the open bar stocked and Pergola will be providing tasty Hors d’oeuvres.

All attendees of the VIP Party must be at least 21 years of age. Tickets to the VIP Party on Thursday evening can be purchased for $75 at The shopping sessions on Friday and Saturday, October 10-11, afternoons will be hosted from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. and are free to the public.

à bientôt



Fashion Tips to Show You Mean Business

Fashion is kind of my thing. My blog is called a ‘Girl In A Dress’ after-all. As a woman I know, dressing your part for work can be a difficult task. Whether it is business casual or business professional, you always want to make sure you dress in a way that shows you are serious about your career. Yes, hard work and a friendly, competitive attitude will aid you in getting that big promotion, but if you really want to step up your game, then you need to step up your overall appearance. Here are some styling tips that will help you give an even better impression at your office.


Hem your pants. When it comes to dress pants, you should never be able to wear the same pants with your flats as you wear with your heels. That is a major fashion sin. If your dress pants are not tailored correctly to your body, then they can look very sloppy, especially if they are too short or if they are dragging on the ground. If you are wearing flats, your pants should cover most of your shoe. If you are wearing heels, the hem of your dress pants should be about a half inch off of the ground in the back.


cn5475416Get a button-up shirt that fits you. Nothing can ruin your image more than wearing a button-up shirt that is way too small or way too large and shows off all of your undergarments. If you have a larger chest, then buy a button-up shirt that is big enough to reach all the way across your chest without any gaping exposure. Take your shirt to the tailor to have it sized just right.

If your belt loops are showing, you should wear a belt. A lot of woman feel that they are excused from wearing belts for their pants, especially if they fit nice and snug. This is so NOT the case. This rule is nice and simple: if you are wearing pants with belt loops and your shirt is tucked in, then you should wear a belt. The belt does not have to be used for keeping your pants up, but it should be used for visual purposes. Exposed, empty belt holes will make you look careless and even forgetful.

DO NOT overdo the accessories. You may think that this is an obvious tip, but a lot of people break this rule on a daily basis without even realizing it. All of your earrings, rings, and necklaces should be as simple as possible, especially if you work in professional fields such as banking or real estate.


Other Important Tips to Follow:

  • Buy yourself a good pair of shoes.
  • Keep a good manicure at all times.
  • Make sure your hair is dry when you walk into the office.
  • Don’t put on too much perform.
  • Always brighten up your eyes.

Do you agree with these work fashion tips?